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The Onyx Design Ltd was established in 2006 with the aim of further development of laying and installing special stones.

With two decades of experience behind, VILA Bt ensures that Onyx Design Ltd purchases only premium-quality stones (granite, marble and other natural stones), and provides the best and most precise manner on the construction.

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Stone is one of the most popular and versatile natural material. The constantly increasing number of customers choosing marble and travertine mostly because of the advantages of these stones.

The most significant virtues of them are durability, functionality and simplicity of keeping them clean. Distinguished beauty of marble and travertine gives an ancient character and elegance of every place where they have been used. Because of diversity in colouring, surfaces and products all of our customers can select their favourite design and style to make their home and surroundings unique, extraordinary and elegant.

In our showroom you can see the versatile processing of the natural stones and also the final result of a demanding work. When you visit us, we also show you which way the stones fit into the world of multi-faceted range of wall paints, even the wall painting from a wide variety of modern techniques (eg, Venetian stucco).

We can also help you in unique design (interior decorator) implementing your unique ideas. Our service is complete. Starting from the order of supplies, through the storage and planning, interior design as well construction issues. All in one place.

Our goal is quality, accuracy, reliability, design and create a pleasant environment, whether at home or at work.

We invite individuals, companies, designers, interior architects, decorators for your interest!